At Jazzy103, we live, breathe and love jazz, which is why we are avid supporters of JazzApril, aka "April is Jazz Month."

What is JazzApril?

It's a shorthand way to say "April is Jazz Month" and to tie together the Smithsonian's annual celebration of Jazz Appreciation Month in April and International Jazz Day on April 30. The Jazz Journalists Association began its JazzApril project in 2012 to celebrate and promote both JAM and IJD. As part of that project, the JJA works with members of LOCAL jazz communities to:

  • raise the profile of jazz in the media, especially local media
  • reach out to people who aren't already part of the jazz audience and share the music and its history
  • strengthen local, national and international jazz NETWORKS
  • give some props to the people who keep jazz alive locally via the JJA's Jazz Hero awards.

Washington, D.C., was named the International Jazz Day 2016 Global Host City. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michele hosted guests and entertainers at this historic event at the White House. Jazz Day 2016 celebrated its fifth anniversary with a multitude of jazz performances, community service initiatives, and education programs in schools, libraries, hospitals, community centers, and arts venues across the city.

Washington, D.C. is the birthplace of the great jazz pianist and bandleader Duke Ellington, and the city enjoyed a thriving jazz scene for the past century.

On April 30, 2016, Washington, D.C., joined with towns, cities, and villages in over 190 countries on all seven continents to observe International Jazz Day through thousands of performances and programs.

In 2001, the Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation provided the initial funding for what would become Jazz Appreciation Month, and Jazzy103 is proud to help share jazz with the world in her honor.